LandLeader® is proud to affiliate our members and the LandLeader® brand with the best products, services, and organizations in the industry. From tractors to trucks, conservation to recreation, we stand behind the brands we believe in. Below are our strategic partners, media sponsors, trade shows and conservation groups that we support.



Gunwerks Rifles are designed to be one part of a shooting system. With a complete configuration, you will add a scope, ammunition, a ballistic rangefinger and the finishing services of break-in, accuracy validation, and long range ballistic profiling. A matched ballistic turret for your individual rifle is the final component of a Gunwerks Long Range Shooting System. We are not a giant corporation or a conglomeration of subsidiaries. We don't have conference rooms or TPS reports. Our company is simple. We hunt hard. We shoot and train all year. The gear we use defines our success. The gear we make can define yours. Made in the USA.


LEAD, DON’T FOLLOW. Since 1996, the Cinch Clothing brand has been creating authentic western clothing with utility and design in mind.  Brand favorites include western and fashion-forward jeans, short and long-sleeved collared shirts, outerwear, athletic gear, cowboy boots, and accessories. Visit to find a local retailer or shop online.

Covert Scouting Cameras

The idea of Covert began in 2007, officially launching in 2008 when Covert gained it’s LLC. Covert first began with a big dream in a small garage, but by 2011 Covert had quickly risen to the top of the trail camera industry as well as gaining it’s Inc. Located in rural Southern Kentucky, Covert provides top-quality trail cameras and exceptional customer service and support. We are now the leader in wireless trail camera technology. Remain best in the game with Covert Scouting Cameras.

            Blue Otter Polarized

That's it. The best ever. We're not cutting corners. We're not sacrificing style for comfort. We're going for it, and we have been for quite a while.  We're for waiting long mornings in the duck blind, we're for staring at that bobber. We're for drinking cold beer on the back porch with your neighbors. We're for jogging on the beach at 6am and we're for sunset volleyball, trash talk and all. Built for both the avid outdoorsman and the city slick'n bartender. Italian frames crafted with rugged use in mind, as well as aesthetic pleasure and daily comfort. We don't think you should have to settle for anything less than the best, so we don't either. The best ever.



Swarovski Optik

Swarovski Optik

Kevin's Fine Outdoor Gear And Apparel

Kevin's Fine Outdoor Gear & Apparel

Feed The Party

Feed The Party


Conservation & Advocacy Groups



LandLeader is a proud sponsor of Safari Club International (SCI). From partnership at their annual convention to support through cross-promotional marketing with their membership, LandLeader supports SCI.



As a sponsor of the annual convention and Hunter's Leadership Forum annual dinner and reception, LandLeader supports the NRA's mission to advocate for US citizen's gun rights.