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Where To List Land For Sale


Finding the best way to list your land can be stressful. This is mostly due to the fact that there are so many options. Should you list the property yourself as a “For Sale By Owner? List with an agent? Or just hang onto the property altogether. As the largest network of land brokers in North America, LandLeader is an industry-leading expert on where to list land for sale. Here we will be breaking down a few of the main ways to list land for sale, and what to consider when making your final decision. 



For Sale By Owner

Listing your property for sale with no assistance from a real estate agent is what is considered listing as “For Sale By Owner”. This option is popular among property owners who are not in a rush to sell, would like to avoid paying commissions, and prefer the ease at which you can list. Listing this way is as simple as putting a sign in the yard. 

However, exposure for this type of listing is minimal at best. There are various forms of spreading the word online that can be used, but there are few options for a formal listing in a registered inventory. This along with the fact that just in 2020, the average For Sale By Owner listing sold for 20% less than listed with an agent, means you’re likely going to make less money off of a sale even without commissions paid. 


Listing With A Real Estate Agent

Buyers and Sellers of land alike can benefit from working with a real estate agent. Licensed agents have access to the national listing service known as the MLS, which is a nationwide network of listings that agents can access for their clients. The MLS is also the system that most other online real estate inventory lists use to show available listings, Much like LandLeaders nationwide map. Listing with an agent comes with expertise, hands-off management, and likely your best profit.

Listing with an agent also comes with paying commissions, however, which is usually the main negative of this approach. In almost all cases though the larger return from working with an expert offsets these expenses significantly, especially when dealing with larger and more high-value properties. Whether you’re looking to list vacant land, rural property, commercial property, hunting land, or anything in between, experts are usually worth the cost. 


The Best Place To Look For Land For Sale

Another approach to finding the best way to list land for sale is to consider the best place to look for land for sale. A recent study found that 41% of home buyers began their search looking online. Meaning that however you list your land, it should be a priority that it makes its way to an online registry, preferably one with an interactive map, and proper up-to-date information on the property. 


Getting Started

If you are looking to list land for sale, getting started is much more simple than it may seem. If you choose to list yourself, placing signage is all you need. If you are looking to list on an online database with an agent, it's as simple as contacting us. Our network of land brokers across the U.S is the largest in North America and is comprised of the top local experts no matter what region or state. Otherwise, feel free to browse our huge inventory of land for sale available today. 

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