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Types Of Hunting Land In Montana 


Montana is one of the most famous places in the world for its gorgeous scenery, open plains, and rural lifestyle. This makes hunting land in Montana for sale one of the most ideal purchases for the avid hunter. With game as large as bison and elk, all the way to migratory birds,  the possibilities are endless. 



As one of the largest networks of land brokers in North America, LandLeader is comprised of Real estate professionals who have dedicated their lives to knowing the ins and outs of purchasing hunting land. Here we will be breaking down a few of the various types of hunting land you can expect to find for sale in Montana



Before moving forward on any purchase of hunting land in Montana, it is important to read and review Montana’s rules, regulations, and process for applying for hunting licenses. This is due to the fact that Montana has a complex and strict system of hunting regulations designed to not only protect the hunting rights of full-time residents but also protect the delicate ecosystem of species that reside there. 


Grassland Prairies

Montana is naturally divided by what’s known as the Continental Divide, into two distinct eastern and western regions. In the East, you’ll find much of the state's expansive grassland prairies home to many grass grazing game. Annually in the fall, there is a general hunting season for elk, pronghorn antelope, whitetail deer, and mule deer, as well as limited availability hunting for Bison that leave Yellowstone. Elk hunting land for sale in Montana is one of the most sought-after types. This is in part due to the size of the game, and also the world-renowned status of Montana elk hunting season. 



To the west, much of Montana is dominated by the Rocky Mountains and many other various mountain ranges. The lower plains between mountains form valleys, often accompanied by rivers, that are brimming with wildlife and greenery. Here is where some of the nation's best trout fishing can be found, as well as black bear, and bighorn sheep if you are lucky enough to be chosen to receive a limited number of hunting permits annually. 



Throughout Montana, various regions of forests can be found and hunted depending on regulations and permitting. Purchasing hunting land for sale in Montana with portions of more densely forested areas will bring many types of huntable birds, and fur trapping opportunities. This is also a great type of hunting land to take advantage of bowhunting as well.  


Purchasing Hunting Land In Montana

To purchase hunting land in Montana, a great place to get started is to browse an online inventory of listings. Luckily, LandLeader has an interactive map made just for this. Otherwise, feel free to contact us for more information on getting in touch with a local real estate professional in Montana today.

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