Timber Land for Sale

The investment, management and harvesting of timber dates back hundreds of years, and our timber land for sale continues to yield investment return that keeps these properties financially viable year after year. Across the country,  corporations, Timber Investment Management Organizations (TIMO), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) and private landowners seek to invest in timber properties that offer manageable levels of return on investment. Due to our massive network of listings and land specialists, LandLeader members are able to meet the needs of buyers looking to make the highest yield possible on timber tracts.

From the natural regeneration hardwood forests of the Northeast to the pine plantations of the South, the evergreen forests of the Northwest to the hard oaks of the Midwest, these properties produce the timber that builds our homes, heats our living rooms, supports our bridges, and cooks our food. Explore the best timberland for sale here at The LandLeader®.