Walla Walla County Farmland, Washington
Property Types: Vacant Land, Farms, Ranches, Waterfront, Recreational

$2,390,000 / 670 Acres / Sold
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Touchet, WA
Walla Walla County
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Vacant Land, Farms, Ranches, Waterfront, Recreational
Water Rights: 
In-stream from Touchet River. 6 acre-feet good for year-round use.
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480 ft
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Property Description

Prime farm ground with river frontage located North of Touchet, WA just minutes from Highway 12. This is a rare opportunity as it is the only known sizeable piece of irrigated farmland for sale in Walla Walla County. To make this property even better, it's buildable and located only 20 minutes from the historic town of Walla Walla, WA itself. The property even has trophy whitetail and small-mouth bass. Walla Walla is world renowned for it's wine production and historic setting.

Acreage: There are approximately 670 total acres that make up this property locally known as the Thompson Farm.  The property is divided into three segments.  There's 310 +- acres of dryland farm ground to the West (known as the West Parcel), 212 +- acres with irrigation in the middle (known as the Irrigated Parcel), and 150 +- acres to the East (known as the East Parcel). The Irrigated parcel has an 11-tower Zimmatic center pivot that covers 153 +- acres with sprinkler irrigation covering an additional 48.5 +- acres for a total of 201.5 +- irrigated acres.  The Irrigated Parcel has an additional 13 acres of dryland farm ground with the remainder covered by the Touchet River. The West and East Parcels are currently enrolled in CRP. There are 262 +- FSA tillable acres on the West Parcel and 147+- FSA tillable acres on the East Parcel.

Soils and Crops: The East and West Parcels are currently enrolled in CRP with an annual payment of $16,367 for the West Parcel and $6,682 for the East Parcel.  The contracts expire in 2023.  Before CRP, the East and West Parcels were cropped with winter wheat then fallowed every other year.  The soils are primarily made up of a fine to very fine silt loam that are loessal (deposited by wind) and very deep.

The irrigated farmland is full of opportunities at only 480 ft elevation. The area is known for growing wheat, alfalfa seed, alfalfa hay, onions, potatoes, seed corn, grass seed, grass hay, peas, garbanzo beans, apples, grape vineyards, canola, spinach, pumpkins, goat’s chard, and hemp.  Buyer to do own due diligence on appropriate crops for property. The irrigated land is currently seeded to orchard grass, alfalfa, and clover used for management intensive cattle grazing. The owner runs 400 steers from April 1st through August 10th with a median weight of approximately 850 lbs. The owner then calves out 85 fall-calving cows and grazes them from September 1st through late October. The soils are primarily a silt loam with a 0-3% slope. The water rights are in-stream from the Touchet River and good for year-round use. The total water allotment is 6 acre feet per irrigated acre.

Improvements and Development: Both homes are to be removed from the sale. The owner's current resident may be negotiated into the transaction. A 50-horsepower and a 20-horsepower pump with a variable frequency drive (VFD) system are included in the transaction.  The 2,140 ft long Zimmatic center pivot, built in 2001, is included in the transaction as well. All three of the tax lots are buildable with 40 acres. Buyer to do own due diligence on buildability. Highway 12 is in the process of being moved closer to the proximity of the property which will likely increase the value for development.

This is a truly a rare opportunity in an area where a property like this is very scarce. You have a diversity of income in a highly desirable area with development potential.  There's a reason why properties like this one rarely make it to market!

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