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How to buy Land in Colorado

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When it comes to purchasing land for sale in Colorado, LandLeader partnered brokers are experts. Our real estate professionals have entire careers dedicated to finding valuable vacant land for their clients in Colorado and all across the United States. Here we will be breaking down a step-by-step guide on how to purchase your very own piece [...]

Finding The Best Farmland In Oregon

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When it comes to finding the best farmland in Oregon, there are many factors to consider including crops, budget, and location. At Landleader, our extensive network of local real estate brokerages not only provides the most farmland listings across the U.S. but also access to local insight...

Just Sold: The N3 Cattle Ranch

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LandLeader is proud to announce that the iconic N3 cattle ranch listing has been sold! Listed by Todd Renfrew, a board member of LandLeader and an agent of our partner brokerage: California Outdoor Properties. This massive 50,500-acre property that spans across four counties was listed at $68,000,000. 



A Guide To Selling Recreational Property

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When it comes to selling recreational property, for many owners the process can seem like a daunting task. Many pieces of property used for recreation can be very large or used in a unique way separate from other local listings. Here we will be breaking down a few keys to success when it comes to properly gearing up to sell your [...]

Best Outdoor Activities in Maryland

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When it comes to exciting outdoor adventures, Maryland offers some of the best in the United States. Whether you’re visiting with plans to hike, swim, camp, or bike, you’ll probably find yourself at one of Maryland’s many beautiful state parks. These historic parks are not only ideal for nature lovers but serve as perfect spots for [...]

Things To Consider When Buying A Ranch

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As many can imagine, the process of how to buy a ranch is different than any other typical real estate transaction your average buyer undergoes. Here at LandLeader, our recreational real estate experts know exactly what to ask and consider when helping our clients purchase a ranch. Here we will be breaking down some key things to keep in [...]

What Is Recreational Land?

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Many buyers looking to purchase rural land will run into a specific category: Recreational land. But what is recreational land, and is it what you’re looking for? Here we will be breaking down a definition of the term, and some examples of properties that can fit the [...]

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