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Things To Consider When Buying A Ranch

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As many can imagine, the process of how to buy a ranch is different than any other typical real estate transaction your average buyer undergoes. Here at LandLeader, our recreational real estate experts know exactly what to ask and consider when helping our clients purchase a ranch. Here we will be breaking down some key things to keep in [...]

What Is Recreational Land?

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Many buyers looking to purchase rural land will run into a specific category: Recreational land. But what is recreational land, and is it what you’re looking for? Here we will be breaking down a definition of the term, and some examples of properties that can fit the [...]

What Are Conservation Easements?

Forest Trees

As one of the most significant tax credits available to large property owners, understanding exactly what Conservation Easements are can be very important. These easements not only provide massive tax benefits but also can protect family-owned property for generations to come. Here at LandLeader, we will be breaking down exactly what they [...]

The Urban Exodus & its Impact on Land Sales

The Urban Exodus

2020 was, bluntly speaking, a dramatic year. One of 2020's leading storylines was the perception that United States citizens would begin an “Urban Exodus”, migrating from densely populated areas to small-town areas, capitalizing on rural land for sale at a much-reduced cost. This mass migration was said to be a result of citizens seeking to [...]

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