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The Top States To Find Plantations For Sale


When it comes to finding plantations for sale, LandLeader partnered brokers are local experts. For decades plantations have been some of the most sought-after styles of properties for their historic design, expansive property size, and southern climate. Here we will be breaking down the top states to look for the best plantation properties, as well as what to look out for when looking to make a purchase. 




Plantations for sale in Georgia have been constructed since the 16th century, and include some of the oldest forms of American history. They can not only come with world-renowned hunting & fishing but also have the potential to be near the Atlantic ocean. This proximity to water and fertile lands makes Georgia plantations perfect for finding fully operational farmland in properties as well. 



With the majority of Alabama plantations constructed in the 1800s, many still exist today as historic landmarks and are registered in national databases. When plantations in Alabama go up for sale, they usually do not last long for this reason. Highlights of plantation properties in Alabama include large farmland, high square footage, and a warm summer climate. 



Florida plantations build much on what is best in Georgia plantations, but with a more consistent yearly temperature. Even northern plantations in Florida will experience much more moderate winters allowing for more sustained annual crops. Highlights of Florida plantations include proximity to both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic, as well as more major cities and attractions. 


Getting Started

The best place to get started is to browse our large inventory of plantation homes for sale. There, anyone looking to purchase real estate throughout the U.S can get in touch with a local real estate expert. Working with someone with expert knowledge of the industry, especially in local markets, gives any buyer the best opportunity to find the perfect property for their needs. 

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